How Custom Exhibition Stands Could Help Grow Your Business

Anyone who’s ever owned a business will tell you that visibility is everything – once you’ve generated interest in what you’re selling, you’re halfway to making a profitable income. But growing your brand’s reputation isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

This is why there are professionals out there who are dedicated to marketing your products and services to a consumer audience. And, contrary to popular belief, enlisting these services doesn’t need to break the bank.

One of the best ways to build your business reputation is by holding a stand at a trade show or exhibition. Here, you will be surrounded by other likeminded companies and will be given the perfect opportunity to engage with your customer demographic, putting your best foot forward.

But these shows are highly competitive, so you’ll need an edge that sets you apart from others in the field. This means being current, exciting and offering something a bit different than everyone else. It may be difficult to engage your customers at first, but once you’ve made an impression, success will likely follow.

Whether you run a well-established business or you’re just starting out, everyone could do with a little help keeping their brand current. And what with all the technological advancements of the twenty-first Century, this can appear daunting to some.

Luckily, a professional marketing team can help you with every step of your marketing campaign – from conception of an idea, right down to its execution. But, chances are you’ll have a budget to adhere to, so you’ll need to find a company who can offer you the best services for your money.

If you’re thinking of hosting a stand at a trade event, you will definitely benefit from enlisting the help of a marketing company – especially if you haven’t represented yourself in this way before. This is your chance to engage the public, so you want to make the most of it.

These companies can help with more than just a successful marketing strategy. Not only will they design, build and plan your exhibition stand from scratch, but they can also help you with the minor details such as travel arrangements and storage. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses.

It goes without saying that how you present your business at this event will have a ripple effect on your next few months – maybe even years – of trading. So if you’re hiring a marketing team to assist you, they will need to be the best in the business.

Look out for a company that specialises in exhibitions and events, as they will likely have years of experience behind them helping other companies to build custom stands to impress their audience. You’ll also want to make sure they can offer you a complete range of services.

Not only will you need a company that offers a design and build service, you’ll also want to find someone who can help with your project management. This means that the company will go on serving you long after the end for your exhibition due to all the expert advice you have received.

When seeking a company to hire, you’ll also want to ensure they have the credentials to back up what they’re offering. You should be able to gain insight into any awards or accreditations they may have been granted by visiting their website.

Lastly, nothing is more telling of a marketing company’s prowess than how many brands they have worked with successfully. Your marketing team should display these on their webpage, but if you can’t find details of their previous work, ask to see their client portfolio.

So, a marketing team that specialises in exhibition and event stands will no doubt give you that edge that you need to stand out and gain a solid customer following. Not only that, but they should also make your entire marketing strategy more streamline.

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Ideas for Your Custom Designed Exhibition Stand

If you’re operating a new business, no doubt you’ll have considered appearing at a trade show or exhibition to advertise your products and services. This can be a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and build a customer base, so is definitely worth the effort it may involve.

However, with this being your prime opportunity to make an impression, the pressure is on to make sure you stand out from your competitors. The other companies in attendance are likely to be offering similar services – so unless you market your company in a unique way, you’re in danger of getting lost in the crowd.

One way to make sure your stand turns heads is by having it custom designed. Not only will this reflect the uniqueness of your selling point, it will also likely have a far more professional look than others at the show. This way, your customers will know that you mean business – right from the off.

If you have design and build skills, you may be able to create one yourself. But if you’re involved in the day-to-day running of a business, chances are you won’t have the time to put into such a project. This is where hiring an exhibition marketing team can give you the edge you need to stand out.

You’ll want to find a marketing team who specialise in exhibition design and build services. This way, not only will they have the creative and construction skills to make your ideas into a reality, but they will also be able to help you execute your entire marketing campaign from start to finish.

Enlisting the help of a company like this will take the hard work and labour out of the project that you probably can’t commit to. All you need to do is come up with the initial idea and your team will get to work, building a stand to meet both your budget and time constraints.

If you have established your brand, then you probably already have some ideas about how you will market yourself at this event. If you’re a cupcake business, for example, you may be offering free samples of your products.

What a professional marketing team can help with is how to take this idea to the next level. If there are three other cupcake businesses at the event and they are all offering free cake samples, what’s to set you apart from them?

Plus, if a customer has visited one cupcake stall, are they really going to visit another? They are more likely to move on to something new.

So, what if you decided to make your company stand out from the others by offering a cupcake decorating service? Part of your stall could display plain cupcakes with a range of icings and decorative toppings to choose from.

You could also give out goody bags, present an interactive screen displaying your website and most up-to-date photographs, and have a bright, catchy slogan to garner the attention of each and every customer.

Offering something intriguing and unique is more likely to stop those customers wandering over to the cupcake stall across the room. This way, your new customers will have experienced something memorable whilst taking away a souvenir to remind them of your brand.

It may be a specific example, but it does demonstrate ‘outside the box’ thinking – the kind of thinking that will attract your target audience. With business being so competitive these days, you have to go the extra mile in order to make any kind of impression on the consumer.

But these are still just ideas. A marketing company can help turn this into a reality – putting in the ground work while you continue to communicate with your clients and run your business.If you are looking for top adult dating sites then check out this page .A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

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What to Look for in an Exhibition Design Company

If you’re attending a trade event, you may want to enlist the help of an exhibition contractor to help with the design and build of your stand. Not only will this make your stall stand out from other competing companies, but hiring a professional will also take the hard work out of planning the event.

As you will already know, your business reputation – particularly if it’s just being established – is of paramount importance. For this reason, you’ll want your company to be represented by only the most professional marketing experts in the country.

The last thing you want is to end up with an unreliable team who don’t turn up on time, or fail to deliver your project in time. This can make the whole experience feel stressful and difficult, rather than the positive, successful promotion of your business that it should be.

Plus, as a busy entrepreneur or business manager, you won’t have time to waste. You need a team who will grasp your marketing strategy with both hands, taking care of everything from the design of your exhibition stand, down to the set up and breakdown of your materials on the day.

The best place to start looking for exhibition contractors is online. Here, you will be able to assess the credentials of a few different companies and weigh up your options. You will probably need to contact the team directly in order to obtain a quote, but this should be free and with no obligation to proceed.

Once you have received a few quotes, be sure to spend some time on the interne browsing the different services on offer. Ideally, you want to find a company who offers a full marketing service – from the conception of an idea, down to its execution at your trade event.

Firstly, you’ll need to find a company that offers a design service, as well as in-house build and fabrication. This should be undertaken by professional carpenters and installation engineers. You’ll also need to make sure that the best production techniques and materials are being used in the building of your stand.

Custom exhibition stands should be manufactured individually and to the highest standards. Look out for a portfolio of the company’s previous projects to get a more accurate picture of what they can offer.

In terms of the design of your stall or booth, an up-to-date marketing company should be able to offer you 3D visualisation of the finished article during the initial stage of the project.

This way, you’ll be able to see exactly how it will look when it’s finished, enabling you to make any changes necessary. The next stage of the operation should only begin once you have clarified you are happy with the design.

As well as professional design and build services, your chosen exhibitions company should also offer you a full project management service. This means you should be assigned a dedicated project manager who can help grow your marketing campaign from the ground up.

This project manager will oversee your project at every stage, ensuring a meticulous attention to detail is paid every step of the way. They will also make sure that the project is being completed in adherence to your time limitations and budget, so this is an incredibly important part of the service.

As well as offering all of the above, the best companies will also offer assistance with the logistics and storage of your event. This means that they will use professional delivery vehicles and staff to transport your marketing materials to the event, whilst also ensuring it is stored safely for future shows.

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How Experienced Exhibition Designers Could Impact Your Business

Whether you run a small startup or a well-established business, you’ll no doubt be aware of the impact that the visuals of a brand can have on its success. The message you send to your target audience will be dependent on the colours, design and overall feel of your marketing materials.

This has been the case since the conception of hard-copy advertising, with eye-catching flyers being the ones that tend to make it to the fridge rather than the rubbish bin. But today, in the era of online marketing, visual branding could not be more important to those trying to make an impression.

The internet is a fertile ground for businesses of any description looking to reach out to their target audience. And what with social media, e-mail marketing, blogs, YouTube and much more, it seems the opportunities to do so are seemingly endless.

But, with such a wealth of advertising platforms comes an increase in competition. Rather than five other companies offering similar products in your area, there are now five hundred. And they are all able to span a global reach of consumers by way of the World Wide Web – so you’d better be prepared to stand out.

That said, studies have shown time and time again that ‘tangible’ advertising (that which we can hold in our hands) has more of an impact on the consumer that something that comes into an e-mail inbox and can easily be forgotten or erased.

This is part of the reason why trade events are so effective. Not only are you faced with the opportunity of communicating directly with your target audience, but those customers can also take something away with them that will remind them of your brand.

Giveaways like branded bags, pens and other household items can actually increase your brand awareness tenfold. That one piece of marketing material not only reaches the person you hand it to – it’s also viewed by others on the train, in the workplace and even in the home.

But in order to make the desired impression on your customers, you will need to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. This may mean taking the time to revise your logo or work on your marketing materials, or devising a marketing strategy for the big event.

An exhibition designer can help you with all this and more. Not only will they give you expert advice on your existing materials and how best to distribute them, but they will also work alongside you to design a custom exhibition stand for the show.

Your design can then be displayed to you via 3D visualisation software. After you have approved the design, it will be sent off to experienced carpenters and engineers where it will become a tangible exhibition stand that you can use time and time again.

An experienced project manager should oversee the entire project, offering expert advice and insight into your entire marketing strategy. They will also ensure that the project will be completed in your desired time frame, and that your budget is being adhered to.

As well as all this, a marketing team should also be able to assist you with the logistics and storage of your new custom stand or booth. This means that not only will you not have to worry about transporting your materials to the event venue, but it will also be stored safely for future use.

So, hiring an exhibition designer can be an investment in your company’s future – as well as the here and now. This service will provide you with a professional, custom-made event stand that can be used time and time again to achieve maximum exposure.

CEI Exhibitions is an award-winning UK exhibition stand builder. A well-established leader in award-winning exhibitions, CEI has over 15 years of industry experience. The company provides their customers with unique, custom-built designs and modular stands, with a wealth of experience and innovation behind them. Their skilled and dedicated team consists of expert designers, carpenters, technicians and project managers, providing clients with the whole package. CEI have established a firm reputation for saving their clients both time and money, whilst looking after their resources and ensuring them a successful exhibition.

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How To Maintain the Quality of Services

When businessmen attain the desired level of service, maintaining their standards become a great challenge for them. It is a tough job to maintain quality at excellent level for the service providers. It is as difficult and important as to establish and attain such quality.

There are generally two ways of maintaining service quality – the proactive approach and the reactive approach.

The proactive approach is all about trying to gather feedback of the customers about the quality and suggested ideas of improvement. Proactive approach can be done by the method of –

• Staff training
• Gap analysis
• Surveys and administering questionnaires

Staff Training – Staff training is one of the major aspects of the proactive approach. Personnel are trained generously by their companies and they spend quite a good amount of money on it so that they can tackle all the complaints and queries of customers. It will be alright if the company decides to hike the price of its services or to change its offerings. For example, multiple customer queries have been handled by the staffs about the price hike, if any fast food chain decides to increase the price of the items in the menu. If the staffs can not provide satisfactory explanation of the price hike, then it would lead to customer dissatisfaction and poor quality.

Gap Analysis – In order to analyse service quality, the step of gap analysis is often adopted by the providers. Every company wants to offer the best quality to their customers. But the best standard is always not possible for them to provide. So, the gap between the existing and desired service standard helps the providers to improve the offering in the future.

Surveys and questionnaires – This approach helps a company fulfil the expectations and demands of their customers and to improve its standards as well. Demands and common issues of the customers can be identified with the help of this survey. This also helps the company to improve its offering.


A reactive approach is to improve the service standard after receiving complaints from the customers. The company firstly apologizes to the customers and then tries to resolve the situation.

Measuring Service Quality

Always remember to place a metric system for measuring standard. These parameters will help to rate customer expectations, service models and businesses. It helps to create a competition between the staffs to maintain service standards.

Once you put this measuring system, a standard can be chosen as mandatory service standard that the company tries to maintain.

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